Terms and Conditions

  1. Your contract with us

Payment of your deposit to book the hire of one of our vehicles creates a rental contract agreement between us, and you are deemed to have accepted our terms and conditions as set out below. Please read these carefully, and ask us in advance if there is anything you need to clarify.

2. Definitions

Hirer – The person(s) who will drive the vehicle(s) on hire.

Customer – The person(s) paying for the hire. This may be the hirer, or may be someone else e.g. where the hire is purchased as a gift.

Us – Orchard Classic Car Hire Limited

You – The hirer(s) who wish to drive our classic car vehicles

Owner – Orchard Classic Car Hire Limited

Day –  Our standard rental day period is from 9 a.m. on the first day, to no later than 8 p.m. (or 30 minutes before sunset, if earlier) on the final day. See point 7 below.

Persons Entitled to Drive – The Hirer(s), provided that they hold a valid licence to drive the type of vehicle being hired. N.B. all drivers must bring their driving licence and secondary proof of address with them for inspection by us on the day of the hire. Failure to do so will mean you will not be allowed to drive the hired vehicle and your booking will be cancelled without refund. In advance of your hire, we need you to send us a copy of all driving licences, and also a copy of secondary proof of address (e.g. a utility bill) for all drivers. Orchard Classic Car Hire Limited, reserves the absolute right to refuse to hire any vehicle to any person(s) at its own discretion.

Persons NOT Permitted to Drive – Our insurers will not cover anyone to drive our vehicles who:

a) Is under 30 or over 78 years of age at the time of the hire.

b) Has not held a full U.K. driving licence for at least 24 months, that is valid for the type of vehicle being hired.

c) Has been refused any motor insurance, or had special insurance terms imposed as a result of claims experience, or had their motor insurance cancelled by any Motor Insurer.

d) Has been convicted of an offence in connection with the driving of a motor vehicle or motor cycle, and has had their licence suspended or had their licence endorsed with more than 6 penalty points in the last 5 years.

e) Whilst driving, has been involved in more than 2 motor insurance claims during the last three years.

f) Has any mental or physical condition or infirmity that would impair their ability to safely control the hired vehicle. If the proposed hirer(s) has diabetes, heart conditions, or any other relevant medical conditions, please ask, and we will refer to our insurers to confirm whether you will be permitted to hire any of our vehicles.

g) All hirers will be asked to declare their occupation. Certain occupations are deemed by motor insurers to be higher risk and we will need to refer to our insurer if this affects you, to confirm whether cover is available and whether you will be permitted to hire our vehicles.

3. Insurance Policy Cover

Our vehicle insurance cover is fully comprehensive and breakdown assistance and recovery is also included in your hire. We will give you details of this insurance cover and any restrictions which may apply. It is your responsibility to lock and secure our hired vehicle when it is unattended, with any folding roof system correctly closed in the upright position, to secure the car and protect the interior from damage of any kind, including from the weather.

Accidental damage, fire and theft. Immediately before your hire commences, you must provide a security deposit, by pre-authorisation of your credit or debit card. This amount, as specified in our price table, will only be debited to your card, if our vehicle has been damaged whilst in your care, or in the event of theft. We may also use your security deposit to recover the actual cost of refuelling the car (and our £20 administration charge for doing this) if you have not done this yourself before returning the car. Any costs that we successfully recover from our insurer, or a third party insurer, up to the amount of your security deposit, will be repaid to you after we receive them. Any costs that we are unable to recover, up to and including the full amount of your security deposit will be retained by us.

4. Booking

You can book your choice of car and hire date over the telephone. with a £50 deposit paid by a debit or credit card carrying the Visa or MasterCard logo. The balance of your hire fee is payable no later than 14 days before your hire date and we will email you an invoice to pay this securely online. You may wish treat someone to the hire of one of our vehicles as a gift. In this instance we will not book a specific date but will issue you (or them) with voucher either to drive a specific vehicle or for a monetary amount towards the hire of any of our cars. These vouchers are non-refundable and are valid until the date stated on them. Vouchers are transferrable to an alternate car or driver.

5. Cancellation by you

Please contact us by telephone or email at the earliest opportunity if you need to cancel your booking. Your £50 deposit is non-refundable, although we may at our discretion, re-allocate your deposit to another hire date, if we are able to re-sell the hire of the same vehicle on the same date for which you originally booked. If you cancel 14 or more days in advance of your booking, we will refund any hire charges already paid, but not your initial £50 deposit. If you cancel less than 14 days prior to your hire date we will not refund any hire charges at all.

6. Cancellation by us

We maintain our cars to the highest possible standards for your safety and enjoyment, but if your chosen vehicle is not available on the day of your hire due to mechanical or other reasons beyond our control then we will offer you either an alternative car or date. Should neither of these options be acceptable to you, then we will refund all of your hire charges including your initial deposit. Similarly if there are severe weather warnings in place that we feel would compromise your safety, we may also cancel your booking and either refund you, or book a new date.

7. Rental Period

The hirer is insured to use our hired vehicle only on the dates shown in their rental agreement. Subject to availability, we may agree to extend this period for an additional charge, that we will agree with you. Hours of Hire: You can collect our vehicle from 9 a.m. on the first day of your hire. On the final day of your hire (or the same day for a single day hire) you must return our vehicle during daylight hours, i.e. no later than 30 minutes before sunset in spring and autumn and no later than 8 p.m. in summer. If you do not bring the vehicle back within the allowed time, you will have broken the conditions of this agreement and you will not be insured. If you are unavoidably delayed, you must telephone us before your hire period runs out, so that we can arrange additional insurance cover. You will be charged for each day that you still have the car after you should have returned it to us, at our standard published single day rate for that car.

8. Your responsibilities

a) You must look after our hired vehicle and its keys as if it were your own property. You must always remove the keys from the vehicle when you get out of it, lock all the doors and deploy any fitted or supplied security devices.  For open-top cars, you must secure the folding roof in it’s upright (closed) position whenever the vehicle is left unattended, including when it is left parked overnight. Failure to do so may result in weather-related or other damage to the car interior, for which you will be charged the full amount of any repairs.

b) All of our cars run on UNLEADED PETROL only. Take care to only refuel from the correct pumps which usually have green markings on the pump handles. Should you mistakenly put the wrong fuel into one of our cars, DO NOT start the engine, but call us for further advice. You will be charged the full cost of any damage resulting from putting incorrect fuel in the the petrol tank.

C) You must not transport or allow any animals into our vehicles for any purpose whatsoever.

d) You must not smoke anything at all (including vape devices) in any of our cars, regardless of whether the roof is open or closed.

e) You must not sell, rent or dispose of the hired vehicle or any of its parts.

f) You must not let anyone (including yourself) work on the hired vehicle without our permission. If we do give such permission, any costs incurred will only be re-imbursed if you provide us with a receipt from the garage who carried out the work.

g) If you become aware of any fault with the hired vehicle, you must telephone us immediately for advice. Our contact telephone numbers are on the laminated card in the glove compartment. We will then agree the most appropriate solution with you.

h) You must return our hired vehicle to the place we agreed and within the time we agreed. Please ‘phone or text us with your estimated time of return, so we are ready to look after you at the end of your hire. You must not return the hired vehicle without it being inspected by us.

i) You are liable for the full cost of repairs to the hired vehicle caused by any of the following; Unreasonable soiling of the vehicle interior requiring more than standard valeting. Damage to the vehicle interior or soft-top roof, its folding mechanism and any associated tonneau covers or side-screens resulting from clumsy or heavy-handed operation.  Damage to any part of the hired vehicle from attaching coarse ribbons or any other materials such as stick-on signs.

j) Please ensure you remove all personal belongings from the hired vehicle at the end of your hire.

k) Your hired vehicle will be supplied with a full tank of petrol. Please refuel it on your way back to us. There is a petrol station in Ledbury, 3 miles from our base. If the fuel gauge does not indicate a full petrol tank at the end of your hire, you will be charged for the cost of the fuel to replenish it, plus a £20 administration charge that will be taken from your security deposit.

l) All items supplied with your hired vehicle remain our property, and must be returned with the vehicle at end of hire. This includes the vehicle keys together with any tools, spare wheel and other parts or accessories, maps, brochures. Any missing items will be charged for.

m) You must return our vehicle to us at the end of your rental period and it must be checked over and signed in only by Orchard Classic Car Hire Limited. You must not leave the keys with anyone else, either at Trumpet Corner Tea Room or any other pre-agreed location, including when purchased as part of a package with elements such as accommodation provided by other providers.

9. Our responsibilities

a) To provide you with the vehicle you have booked for hire on the dates for which you have requested it and paid the hire charges. If we are unable to do this for any reason, then paragraph 6. “Cancellation by us” will apply. All vehicles are washed and valeted before going out on hire and are supplied to you with a full tank of petrol.

b) To ensure that any vehicle supplied to you on hire is in a roadworthy condition, with a valid MOT test certificate and Vehicle Excise Duty paid, and that all pre-hire checks have been completed including lights, screen-wash, wipers and horn, as well as under-bonnet fluid levels and tyre pressures.

c) We will ensure that appropriate fully comprehensive insurance cover is in place (see paragraph 3) for all hirers named on your signed rental agreement for the duration of your hire.

d) In the event that the hired vehicle breaks down, we will liaise with you and agree the most appropriate solution. If our vehicle can’t be re-mobilised within a reasonable time-frame by our breakdown service partner, we will arrange to have it recovered by them. It may be posssible (but only with your permission) to drive your own vehicle to you at the scene of a breakdown to minimise your inconvenience. We are not obliged to do this, but may offer you this option at our discretion, if the breakdown has occurred relatively near to our base, and subject to suitable insurance being available for us to drive your car.

e) We will provide you with free-of-charge off-road parking for your own vehicle adjacent to Trumpet Corner Tea Room for the duration of your hire. To use this facility you must agree to leave the your vehicle keys in our care for the duration of your hire. We will not drive or enter your vehicle, unless we agree to return your vehicle to you at the scene of a breakdown, as described in the preceding paragraph 9d. We cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to your vehicle or its contents whilst parked either at Trumpet Corner Tea Room, or any other pre-agreed location.

f) In any event, our liability to you is limited to a maximum of the hire charges you have paid to us. (refer to point 6. Cancellation by us)

10. Conditions for using the hired vehicle

The hired vehicle must only be driven by you and any other driver approved by us whose name(s) appear on your signed rental agreement

Vehicles may only be driven for social domestic and pleasure use, and you must not use our vehicle for any form of hire or reward, any illegal activity or purpose, or for racing, pace-making, rallying or speed-testing, or teaching someone to drive. You must not drive our vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Our vehicles may only be driven within England, Wales and Scotland. You must not overload our vehicle or carry more passengers that it is designed for.